Conditions of conveyance


Conditions of conveyance

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  • Smoking is prohobited
  • It is forbidden to swing
  • It is forbidden to throw down anything
  • Should the chairlift come to a (sudden) stop, remain calm and wait for instructions
  • Children under the age of 12 can only enter when accompanied by an adult person
  • When using the chairlift, please watch (over) your belongings like clothes, walking sticks and such
  • Forbidden access for dogs with a shoulder height of more than 30 centimeter
  • Forbidden access for everyone under the influence of alcohol
  • Instructions of the chairlift staff are always to be followed directly without discussion.

SesselbahnLogo2 2 adults and 1 child in one chair is not possible.

Sesselbahn Logo1 1 adult with 2 children in one chair is possible.




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